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Do I get paid to take part in research surveys?
Yes. Depending on how long the research takes to complete, the money you receive varies. You will always be told upfront how much the incentive is for taking part. The average is R200 – R400 per survey.

How long does a research survey go on for?
Anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours. The length of the research survey does vary from study to study but you will be told how long it will take prior to you accepting to take part.

Do I have to have my own transportation?
Yes, it is up to you to arrive at the research venue 15 minutes before the research study is due to start.

What must I wear?
You may dress casually unless otherwise instructed.

What do I need to bring along to a research study?
If you need to bring anything specific along to the research study you will be instructed to do so in the email we send you.

If I say no to a research survey, will I be contacted to take part in other research surveys in future?
Yes, we understand that you could be busy and it’s not always possible to make a research study. Saying no will not affect if you are contacted in the future. If you say yes to a research study and do not arrive you will be blacklisted so we would rather you were honest about whether you can make it or not.

Where is the research conducted?
The research takes place at designated research facilities in the Cape Town (southern suburbs) or Joburg area. You will be supplied with directions to the research venue should you be chosen to take part in a research survey.

When is the research conducted?
The research usually takes place after working hours or on the weekend to accommodate if you are working or studying. Some research may be conducted during office hours but we will always check your availability for any particular study.

What type of studies can I expect to be involved in?
- Ad tests
- Product tests
- Image studies
- Consumer service studies
- Concept tests
- Pack tests
An example of a study could be coming in to sample a wine and then giving your opinion on taste, branding, packaging etc..
These studies could be group discussions, questionnaires, interviews, online questionnaires etc.

What are you going to do with the information I give in research studies?
The information collected is used for market research purposes only. This means it will be used by the clients of a Research Company to help them improve their products and services, and better meet the needs of their customers. As with all market research, the information collected from you is completely confidential, and your name and personal information are never associated with the data you provide.

Why do you need my name, address and other details?
Your name, personal information, and the data you give will never be used to later to sell you something, or market to you in any way.
The reason we need your details is that we need to ensure that we place you in the correct research studies. Also, the research company may need to contact you if a research survey changes or is cancelled. Research companies also need to validate that you are a real person so these details are necessary to prove to their clients that the research was conducted with you and not a fabricated person.

Why do I need to fill in my race on the sign up form?
When research is undertaken it is important to get many different points of view. This is the reason why we need to create a profile of who you are in order to create focus groups that are representative of all types of people. The researchers also have to take into consideration what market their clients want to sell their products to. Race is not the only variable that is important. They look at age, gender, where you live, monthly income, what household goods you own etc. Please understand that there is no specific focus on race and we are not trying to discriminate, it’s just one of the variables that help researchers ensure that they put together focus groups of people who they are ultimately going to sell their products to.

What’s the difference between taking part in market research (the research that ThinkBox will organise for you) and telemarketing?
While both the research industry and sales-related industries use the same ways to conduct their business (i.e. telephone, mail, internet, email), there is an important difference.

- Telemarketing is a sales-related industry that wants to sell you something.
- A survey researcher simply wants to ask your opinion.

As a member of ThinkBox you will only be contacted to be asked to take part in research. If you take part in the research you will then receive financial incentive for your time.

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